Vendor Verification

Configuration For Vendor

This is how the panel looks like by default. The seller has to go to Vendor Dashboard>Settings>Verification to meet this panel.

seller verification panel

Verify ID, Driving License or Passport

When you click on the “Start Verification” button this modal will appear. You can upload photos for Passport, National ID, or Driving License Select the category and Upload the file as necessary.

id verification

Vendors can upload scanned photos here for any one of them:

Cell Phone Verification

Phone Number is verified by sending a code to the vendor’s cell number. The vendor needs to enter that code on the screen and submit. If the code matches, the number will be verified instantly.


Verify Address

When you click the button Start Verification under the Address Verification section you will get a form like this. Fill out the fields and press Submit.

address verification


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