Prohibited Policy

Errand Works is committed to the safety and security of our users. To maintain a safe and secure online environment, there are certain goods, services, and content that are prohibited on our platform. To ensure a secure experience, there is a list of prohibited items on the platform which includes but is not limited to:

  • Weapons, firearms/guns and components, BB/pellet guns, stun guns, spear guns, ammunition, clips, cartridges reloading materials gunpowder fireworks explosives
  • Offers solicitation or facilitation of illegal prostitution or sex trafficking
  • Exploitation or endangerment of minors; child pornography
  • Recalled items; hazardous materials; body parts/fluids; unsanitized bedding/clothing
  • Prescription drugs, medical devices or controlled substances
  • Alcoholic beverages or tobacco products (unless expressly allowed by applicable law)
  • Pet sales (rehoming with small adoption fee ok), animal parts or stud services – Endangered species and any parts thereof e.g. ivory
  • False misleading deceptive or fraudulent content bait & switch keyword spam
  • Offensive obscene defamatory threatening or malicious postings/email
  • Anyoneโ€™s personal identifying confidential proprietary information
  • Food stamps WIC vouchers SNAP WIC goods governmental assistance
  • Stolen property with serial number removed altered burglary tools etc.

Any attempt at posting these types of items will be removed from Errand Works immediately. Users must also comply with all applicable laws, the Errand Works terms of use, and any other posted siteย rules. If you suspect any fraudulent activities orย scamย attempts on our platform, please notify us immediately. Thank you for helping us keep Errand Works safe and secure for everyone!

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